In 2018 my collaborative partner, musician John Phillips, and myself decided we'd like to do a project in a care home. We both have over twenty years experience working in front line roles in care spaces and it felt like the right moment to try bringing our creative practices into these spaces. 'Belongs To' was our first co-creative project, working with people living in Dundee Council care homes. We held three weekly sessions in two homes, using our co-creation tools to enable people to engage and participate in the process of idea development, and visual and audio story boarding with us. With this piece we explored the sense of belonging to Dundee. The sessions allowed us to get some great insights into the theme and lots of audio and visual material - we all also had an engaging, sociable and fun time together making art with lots of play and laughter. Making art is both a playful and an important and serious activity for sure. We used both high and low tech tools to support everyone to get involved - using repositionable collage boards to explore visuals and midi instruments to play with sounds and music. We then went away and made some video and audio sketches and returned for final feedback sessions. It was amazing to get the groups feedback and responses to the material, we were given important pointers to inform our work on the final piece, and we were delighted to observe how engaging participants were finding the sketches. You can stream the full finished piece here.