We delivered participatory music sessions to care homes in Fife during 2018 and 2019. Facilitated by myself and my collaborative partner - musician John Phillips - they were essentially jam sessions, where we all made music together, with a focus on creating together in the moment, as we play, sing, scat and dance. The people we worked with told us it was stimulating, rewarding and good fun to jam together . . . and we agree. We focused on a laid-back chilled approach when delivering these sessions and we believe this offers a different way to get people involved in music activities in the care home, increasing choice and inclusion. We're keen to support front line carers to deliver jam sessions themselves, and we've made an ebook and some themed video soundscapes to support sessions. The video soundscapes use gently moving layered symbolic imagery, shapes and colours with a laid-back soundtrack of layered sounds and music.
Find out more and stream the videos at the project website: https://jamtoday.co.uk