Approved: 27.05.2020

Emily Woodruff

Artist, Writer

Approved: 27.05.2020

Intimacy & barbarism

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Artist Statement

Intimacy & barbarism

Emily’s work addresses our fear of ourselves, playing with the thin veil that adorns our intimacy/barbarism. She invokes power play, flesh, hedonism and violence to identify relational patterns that form an almost archetypal narrative.

CV & Education

Godiva Festival, Godiva Calling 2015 - Spoken Word Winner MC Ultra.

Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, Verbal Warning, June 2018 - Ensemble Actor.

Fire and Dust, Girl Takeover, July 2019 - Headline Poet.

GertRude Zine, Girl Online, November 2019 - featuring ‘Sock Fetish’ from ‘PVT’ acrylic series. 

Broken Grey Wires Zine, Pinocchio’s Got Nothing on You, 2020 - featuring stills from ‘Dizzying Heights’ short film.

Commissioned Painting to private collector, March 2020 - ‘Pinch’ acrylic on paper.

Talking Birds Residency, 6th-24th April 2020. Research and development residency.

Shoot Festival Shutdownbutscratching micro-commission, 15th April 2020 - featuring ‘Moulding Masks’ short film.