Discarded objects, Horticultural colour charts published by The British Colour Council (BCC). 1938.

The act of accumulating, acquiring, collecting and then categorising and sorting is a very human action, and one that many of us consciously or subconsciously take part in on a regular basis. This action of acquiring and then sorting or curating can be related to making sense of the chaos, disorganisation and confusion of the world around us.

‘Sorting’ is a presentation of discarded objects sorted into colour and matched with horticultural colour charts, and is a development of ‘Clutter Bank’ a participatory project with Metal (Peterborough). The arrangement mimics a formal scientific or Museum display ordering process, but is made through participation, using colour matching and also inevitable aesthetic decisions.
The objects have been collected by open call from local Hackney homes. By default, these objects represent our relationship with consumerism and inevitably touch on our uneasy relationship with plastics.