Approved: 20.11.2020

Emily Joy

Artist, Event organiser, Lecturer / academic, Maker, Researcher

Approved: 20.11.2020

Emily Joy is a visual artist making environmentally and socially engaged sculpture, installation and participatory works.

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Artist Statement

Emily Joy is a visual artist making environmentally and socially engaged sculpture, installation and participatory works.

Moving between intimate, self-reflexive process drawing, and large-scale earth- and clay- based works that challenge our perceptions of self and other, her work invites others to be complicit in the creation, recreation or destruction of the work through collaborative and participatory actions, and immersive installations which draw upon multiple personal and public narratives.

Underpinning her practice is an investigation into the subjectivity and loss that is inherent in the act of remembering and reimagining; including why and how experience is mediated by the imperfect copies of memory, language and image.

Current work is concerned with ecological and personal loss, relationships with the other-than-human, and how empathy can be developed through shared space and stories. Myths and personal narratives combine with a tangle of rewritten object histories, Swiss Alpine nostalgia, glacial loss and absurd human drives to preserve what we are destroying.

CV & Education

EMILY JOY - Sculptor and installation artist   


Emily Joy is an award-winning sculptor and installation artist based in the UK. Emily is a founder member of artists group Quercus and one half of Periscope: a socially engaged artist partnership providing immersive, creative public events. She is also a teacher and facilitator of community projects.


Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions


2020   ‘Absurd Labour’, Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire (S)

2019   ‘Tide: Dialogues of Change’, North lights Arts, Dunbar

2019   ‘Pro Tem’, Loughborough University Gallery, Loughborough

2018   ‘Untethered’, Mustarinda, Finland (S)

2016   ‘Absurd Labour’, The Line Gallery, UK (S)

2016   ‘Vom Werden’, Kunst und Kultur Forum Laubach, Germany    

2016   ‘Ten Degrees North-East of Base Camp’, Stroud

2015   ‘Beyond Perception’, The University of Aberdeen, UK

2015   ‘The Logic of the Supplement’, Line Gallery,UK (S)

2015   ‘The Open West’, The Wilson, Cheltenham, UK            

2014   ‘Reimagining Pluto’, The Brunel Goods Shed, Stroud, UK (S)

2014   ‘Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne’, Stroud Museum in the Park, UK (S)

2014   ‘Navigable Waters’, The Canals and Rivers Trust, Gloucester, UK

2014   'Redhanded', Redhanded, Kings Cross, London, UK

2013   ‘Mother Land’, Galerie Im Palais, Germany (S)

2012   ‘Nature; gentle and Powerful’, The Castle Gallery, Germany UK

2012   ‘Disfrutar’, Stroud Museum in the Park, UK

2011   Jamaica Street Open Studios exhibition (invited artist), Bristol, UK

2010   ‘Finding Balance’, The Castle Gallery, Laubach, Germany

2009   ‘Retrace; scripting memory, Stroud Valleys Artspace, UK (S)

2008   ‘The Darbyshire Award’, Stroud Museum in the Park, UK

2008   ‘Locus’, 1 Saville Row, Bath, UK

2006   ‘Why Not Sneeze’, TactileBosch, Cardiff, UK



Educational Qualifications


2005-2006   MA Fine Art, UWIC, Cardiff

2001-2004   BA (Hons) Visual Art with Visual Culture, University of   

                    Gloucestershire, First Class



Selected Residencies and Commissions


2020  Artist in Residence, Hardwick Residency, University of Gloucestershire  (1 month)

2019  Artist in Residence, Loughborough University (AA2A scheme, 9 months)

2018  Artist in Residence, Mustarinda, Finland (1 month)

2017  Artist in Residence, The Mothership, Dorset, UK (2 weeks)

2014  Commission, ‘Navigable Waters’, The Canals and Rivers Trust, UK

2014  Artist in Residence, Victoria Works, Gloucestershire, UK (1 month)

2013  Artist in Residence, Galerie Im Palais, Lich, Germany (2 weeks)

2012  Artist in Residence, Art and Culture Symposium, Laubach, Germany (2 weeks)

2012  Commission, The Painswick Rococo Gardens, UK

2011  Artist in Residence with Quercus, Stroud Museum in the Park, UK (1 year)

2010  Artist in Residence, Art and Culture Symposium, Laubach, Germany (2 weeks)




2017  Longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize

2012  Shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize.

2008  The Darbyshire Award Winner



Selected collaborative work and events:


2020  'Lockdown Dialogues' participant, with Diaolgue Academy, Finland

2020  ‘Land, Earth, Empathy’, talk with Dr Elizabeth Hodson, University of Gloucestershire  

2019  ‘Going Wandering’ Periscope symposium, The Brunel Goods Shed, UK

2018  ‘Home’ Periscope talk by Dougald Hine (Dark Mountain), SVA, Stroud, UK

2018  ‘Untethered’ drawing conversation, Mustarinda, Finland

2017  ‘Art and anthropology’ collaboration with Dr Elizabeth Hodson (K.F.I. project), UK

2017  ‘Art and Anthropology’ talk by Dr Elizabeth Hodson, (K.F.I. project), SVA, Stroud, UK

2016  ‘Imaginations, Interiors, Surfaces’ Collaboration (K.F.I Project), University of Aberdeen

2016  Collaboration with Yatoo (Korea) and CCANW, Stroud, UK

2015  ‘Another Way to Fail’ drawing conversation, Gloucestershire, UK

2014  ‘Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne’ (ACE Funded) events programme, Stroud, UK

2014  ‘The Wanderer’s Studio’ event (ACE Funded), The Museum in the Park, Stroud, UK

2014  ‘Reimagining Pluto’ workshop and exhibition (ACE Funded), The Goods Shed, Stroud, UK

2014  ‘Memory, Story, Forgetting’ talk by Dr Mark Currie (ACE Funded), SVA, Stroud, UK

2014  ‘Time, Identify, Narrative’ talk by Dr Chris Norris (ACE Funded), Museum in the Park, UK

2011  'Art and Nature' Quercus event with CCANW and Clive Adams, SVA, Stroud, UK

2010  'Back to Square One', Quercus collaborative project, SVA, Stroud, UK

2009  'Beyond the Verge', Quercus collaborative project, SVA, Stroud, UK

2009  'A return to the Point of No Return' talk by Brian Dillon, SVA, Stroud, UK

2009  'Retrace: Exhale' poetry event, SVA, Stroud, UK

2009  'In Negotiation' discussion event with Colin Glen, SVA, Stroud, UK





2020  ‘Untethered’ and ‘Stopping Distances’, The Dark Mountain, Issue 17

2019  ‘Land, Place and Home’, Client Culture, Plymouth

2017  ‘Imaginations, Interiors, Surfaces’, Hodson, E. University of Aberdeen.

2017  ‘Future Now’, The Aesthetica Art Prize

2014  ‘Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne’, Joy, E.

2012  ‘Creative Works’, The Aesthetica Art Prize

2010  ‘Site10 Contemporary Drawing Show’, K Phippen/M Ohlson

2009  ‘Retrace: Scripting Memory’, Joy, E.


For other community based participatory work (public, immersive, creative events) please see Emily’s work as Periscope