NEW LINTHORPE is a project conceived and run by artist Emily Hesse and curator James Beighton. It recaptures the spirit of the historic Linthorpe Art Pottery whilst reflecting the character of modern day Middlesbrough. It asks how clay, our own local clay, can be used as a material for engendering social change. With NEW LINTHORPE, Hesse and Beighton are exploring new opportunities for collaboration combining their mutual passions for contemporary art, clay, social history and the exploration of locality. Their work is guided by a belief in not just the ability but also the responsibility of art to make a difference to lives. They are interested in discovering and documenting ways of finding audiences for their work, supporting its development and giving back to societies more broadly. They do not believe in audience as a singular entity and are committed to developing strategies that are just as individual as the people they aim to reach.