The Missing Moments project originates from the realisation that photography has become a recursive system of conventions of representation, as the photographs we encounter form our perception of what is photographed. Since a sight must be perceived worthy of photographing to prompt taking the photograph, only such instances would get photographed. Yet reality is an unbroken, fluid continuum, but we tend to perceive and preserve life as a collection of separate, extracted highlights and culmination points. This is further effectively both produced and reproduced by photography as images greatly inform our memories, knowledge and perception of the world. This suggests we might altogether miss out on some potentially essential aspects of reality falling outside this scope.

The project focuses on the in-between moments and sights habitually neglected, pointing out that each moment should be of equal importance. This paradigm is strongly informed by the principle of mathematical induction, which, liberally applied to time, suggests that each individual moment is equally important for the continuity of the construct.

The resulting images aim to observe the areas somehow outside the traditionally optimal frames. Ultimately the crux of the work lies with challenging and intercepting the habitual, logical interpretations and accustomed perception of reality, and addressing the constriction of conventions of representation.

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  • Dimensions: 30,5 x 35,5
  • Artforms: Photography
  • Tags: photography, constructed, conceptual, reality