24 signed, rubber stamped single edition 6"x4" photographs were released for sale at a rate of one per day for the 24 days leading up to Christmas 2013, with prices starting at GBP45 (for 24 hours following the official pic tweet) before increasing to GBP65 until the end of the year, and then on 1st January 2014 they will rise to GBP90. When the photographs are sold, only the reverse of the photograph will remain visible on this page.

The prints were announced via Twitter and Facebook each day, anytime. The 24 hours began the moment the photo tweet went out.

FIRST PERSON TO TWEET @elly_clarke that they'd like to buy the photo could buy it. An announcement went out when each print was sold.

The progress of the project and the new locations of the prints when sold were tracked via a dedicated Flickr Set, a Facebook Event Page and Elly Clarke's website.

All photos are taken from Elly Clarke's archive of photographs taken over the past three years with her 35mm Leica M6 camera. The names in the brackets are the people Elly was either with at the time the photo was taken, or thinking about.