#Knitterfeed was a collaborative project between myself, artist Jennifer Steele, games programmer Tom Kinniburgh and the Cross Acres Craft Group, based at Age Concern Cross Acres, Wythenshawe, South Manchester and was part of the Hand Made programme commissioned by Future Everything 2012.

The project involved a two way skills exchange between the Craft group and the artists, where by new knitting and sowing skills were passed on from the group to myself and Jenny, whilst we supported the group to learn new online skills and digital communication. The project resulted in a series of public requested knitted items, ordered via twitter, which were then physically created and delivered back to those who made the original order.

A live #knitterfeed event took place at the Victoria Baths, where passing members of the public could learn new knitting skills, request via a live feed additional knitting items and view the works produced so far through this collaborative exchange.