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Elizabeth Hindle

Artist, Arts administrator, Arts development worker, Maker

Approved: 13.02.2020

Elizabeth Hindle is an Interdisciplinary Fine Artist & Artist Educator living and working in the East of England. Elizabeth is also one half of the ‘Sonic Drawing’ collaborative duo Ridge & Scrase.

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Artist Statement

Elizabeth Hindle is an Interdisciplinary Fine Artist & Artist Educator living and working in the East of England. Elizabeth is also one half of the ‘Sonic Drawing’ collaborative duo Ridge & Scrase.

Elizabeth is primarily a painter, although her practice has spanned multiple disciplines through the years and continues to challenge genres. Elizabeth's most recent paintings are dynamic abstract works focusing on the use of bold colour and geometric shapes juxtaposed with texture and expressive charcoal overlays. The use of compressed charcoal is heavily featured in her work, influenced by her early studies of abstract drawing and expressionist mark-making.

Elizabeth describes herself as an abstract-expressionist and relies heavily on emotion and the concept of her inner self to influence her work. Her experiences of mental illness are frequently explored in her paintings, as are her lived and current experiences as a person with a queer, neurodivergent identity.

CV & Education

Elizabeth Hindle  |

Elizabeth Hindle is an Interdisciplinary Fine Artist & Artist Educator living and working in the East of England. Elizabeth is also one half of the ‘Sonic Drawing’ collaborative duo Ridge & Scrase.

Elizabeth’s work is autobiographical in nature, utilising mark-making, abstract embroidery, collage, and new media to produce a raw and eclectic catalogue of works documenting ongoing acts of brutal self-reflection and -examination. Elizabeth is continually fascinated by the complexity and unknowns of a singular human existence, and the impact of the Unconscious Self and the legacy of memory on a stable sense of being. Elizabeth’s works typically feature quiet, methodical destruction which is disquieting yet even bemusing at times, moving from playful collage and new media to explorative, dynamic and progressive mark-making, embroidery & self-portraiture.

Ridge & Scrase is a Multimedia Drawing, Sonic Art and Zine collaboration between Michael Ridge and Elizabeth Hindle (née Scrase), the aim of which is to experiment and develop new works that approach mark-making and drawing through sound, sensory deprivation, performance and interactive & collaborative exercises. In a broader sense the aim is provoke the audience to reassess how they engage with the act of drawing and develop a more free-thinking and expressive approach.



BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Derby, 2009 – 2012



18 October 2019: Hospital Rooms 20 x 20 Exhibition, Elephant West, London, UK

28 March - 26 May 2019: Vivacity Festival Exhibition, Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery, Peterborough, UK

29 - 31 January 2016: Visual AIDS Benefit: ‘Postcards from the Edge’, Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Contemporary Art Gallery, New York, USA

16 November 2015:  ‘Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing’ (As Ridge & Scrase), Guest Residency & Sonic Drawing Workshop, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Norwich, UK

2014: ‘Rebellious Edge; Postcards from the Edge’ (As Ridge & Scrase), Juxtaposed Gallery, London, UK

2014/15: ‘Art is Our Last Hope’, Touring Exhibition (As Ridge & Scrase), Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona, USA, 1 October – 23 November 2014 & MonOrchid Gallery, Arizona, USA, 5 December 2014 – 12 January 2015

June 2013: ‘Echoes of Movement’ Exhibition, Performances and Residency, Yallops Contemporary Gallery, Norwich, UK (As Ridge & Scrase)

June 2012: ‘Elysium’, (Odyssey Creative Festival), Derby, UK

June 2011: ‘Trace’, Park Farm Centre Annual Exhibitions, Derbyshire, UK

May 2011: National Trust Artist Residency & Exhibition at Ilam Hall & Park, Derbyshire, UK



2017 – 2019: Board Trustee & Contemporary Art Specialist for the Hungate Medieval Arts Charity, Norwich. Projects within this role included work on the international 2019 “Hereligion” project, as well as curation and planning of exhibitions.

2017 (Ridge & Scrase): Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge. Ridge & Scrase were selected as Artist Facilitators for Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, planning workshops and events to host at the newly-refurbished gallery.

2015 (Ridge & Scrase): ‘Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing’, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery. Guest residency and sonic drawing workshop at Norwich Castle Museum, offering interactive sound-based mark-making exercises and displays to visitors to encourage them to engage with and re-think the act of drawing.

2013-2015: Creative Specialist for the ‘Voice of the Child’ project, Norfolk County Council. Devised, planned, curated and facilitated an ongoing exhibition programme for children and young people within Local Authority Care as part of the Council’s Voice of the Child project. This involved working with four teams of Social Workers and Family Support Workers to devise an exhibition plan, co-ordinate exhibition submissions, promote the exhibition (including a presentation at the Social Work Conference) and physically install work in the permanent exhibition space within Norfolk County Council premises.

2013 (Ridge & Scrase): ‘Echoes of Movement’, Yallops Gallery. A weekend-long drawing residency and exhibition hosted by Ridge & Scrase at Yallops Gallery in Norwich, offering drop-in drawing workshops, interactive works and performance pieces, as well as on-the-spot and ‘take-away’ drawing exercises, with a view to encouraging members of the public to interact with the exhibition and experiment with mark-making as an expressive activity.

2011: National Trust: Ilam Hall & Park. Five-day artist residency creating open-air artworks in response the ruins of Ilam Hall and its surrounding parkland, culminating in a land sculpture of mud, fern leaves and flowers on a riverbank in Ilam’s grounds.



Wotisart?: Issue 26, May 2019

OneSelf as AnOther, Aldo Branti, Hardback, April 2018.

Drawing Paper: Issue 7, July 2014 (As Ridge & Scrase)


Thirty One, October 2019

Anima Mea, September 2019

Without Help, October 2016

Untitled, April 2016

(As Ridge & Scrase):

Zine #4: It’s Time to Make Digits Not Digital, April 2016

Zine #3: Perspicuus / Filum, April 2015

Zine #2: Well…Yes. Decay. (Limited Edition: 50), February 2015

Zine #1: Untitled (Limited Edition: 150), September 2014