I recently completed an Msc in psychology, finishing with a project - Objects, meanings and associations: A comparison between artists and non-artists. This was an original piece of research in concept formation. The psychology of artists as a separate group is a relatively under-researched area which could contribute knowledge: to artists, whether professional, student or amateur, with additional insights applicable to their reflective practice; to art educators and training programmes for artists, to more effectively understand their students and the aims and practice of art education; to the culture of the art crit, with more awareness of processes and preferences; and to art professionals who curate and present artworks to the public, in mediating exhibitions so that the thematic and taxonomic properties and the levels of ambiguity allow viewers to access more of the possible associations and meanings of art.
I have taken this couple of years as a relatively part-time artist to develop my art research and writing. Now I am very excited about the synthesis of art practice, research and writing, and am involving myself in some collaborative art projects.