Location: Pure Arts, Battle

Create an artist's signature that makes your mark in the artworld.
Clarify authenticity and legacy issues with a legible signature on your artworks that is in keeping with your medium and an enhancement of your style.
Guess the artist – signature game
Session 1: Your artistic persona, personal branding, signature as ambassador
Issues: Professionalism
Activity 1: Starting where we are - identifying issues, legibility, appropriateness, style, aims, desires
Session 2: Historical, anonymous works, legacy
Issues: Authenticity, legacy, value
Activity 2: Collecting material to work with - names, words, symbols, figures, writing, drawing
Session 3: Contemporary context, collectors, value
Issues: Fashions and trends in signing works
Activity 3: Devising new symbols, letter formations - this is the magic bit!
Session 4: Signature across media - best practice
Issues: Timing, digital online, copyright
Activity 4: Forming new signature, devising methods to practice and remember