Once upon a time, in 2019 in fact, there lived a girl called Mia. Mia, who was six and three quarters years old at the time, lived in on a Spanish island with her mummy, Sonia, and their two Spanish cats, named Calalunya and Chorizo. Even though they lived in Spain now, Mia was an English girl, and she was born in London.

One day, when Mia and Sonia were visiting London again, Sonia called on her very close friend, Eldi, to see if she wouldn't mind babysitting Mia for a couple of days while Sonia was traveling overseas for work. Her job was to sell very grand and glittery chandeliers made of crystal, and when the sunlight passed through the crystal, beautiful rainbows shone all around it, and danced on the walls, floors and ceilings, and making everything in the room sparkle with joy and wonder. The people she sold her chandeliers to (she called them her clients), came from all around the world. They were richer than any of the rich folks you might have seen on TV or in movies, or on magazine covers or bus stop ads, or any of the people you've seen on instagram. They were people who liked things to be made out of crystal - bowls, glasses and vases, maybe even chairs and beds - to decorate their yachts with. And their homes, too. But we're talking about the richest folks in the world that Sonia sold chandeliers to, and all had yachts.

Yachts (rhymes with knot, and hot) are very big sailboats that still somehow manage to be very cosy, and they really are rather wonderful...

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(Based on a true story. Some names have been changed)