Everyone had at least one Covid project during lockdown.

In between trying to make edible meals out of weird things from the back of the cupboard, and going on gleaning missions around every grocery store in my town, from major supermarkets to tiny corner shops owned and stocked by people from every corner of the globe - turning it into less of a hard slog and more of an mind-expanding expedition of discovery, my other Covid projects were repainting the flat (as per an unfair clause in my tenancy agreement) and, after my child went in bed, which was often during the day, because she's a teenager, making these (and other) rugs while binge watching every Netflix series I'd ever heard was quite good but never had the time to get into. Doing these and other rugs kept me from biting my nails to the quick in my chronically anxious 'what the hell is happening out there' state (especially during the riveting bits in my late night telly watching) - it also curbed the Covid stress eating.

These (and other) rugs are the first things I've made with my hands since the bronze commissions after my MA graduation (bar a couple of kitchen-made monoprints and sketches - not to mention the drawings, paintings, installations and props I made when set dressing a film I crewed on). These rugs mark a gentle re-entry to my physical art-making practice.

I don't know where I'm going with it. I'm at the early stages of figuring it out as I go.