Assemblage of dolls and hand-modified accessories, with hand-constructed platform for throne and press on led light. Dimensions variable. POA

A post-postmodern kitsch interpretation of the Virgin and Child, inspired by Renaissance works North, South and East of the Alps. The iconic and becrowned Queen of Heaven, as played by Barbie (who has been an astronaut and American President, so why not the Mother of God?) wears an azure 'velvet' robe hemmed with golden writing wishing the viewer a very Happy Christmas (commemorating her son's birthday, of course), sits upon her burgundy Sindy "throne" upon a canopied dais, backed by a draped cloth of honour, and directs us to her Holy Infant who waves us His blessings while calling our attention to the Light above. Blasphemous? Perhaps, but towards the Church, or towards Mattel, it is hard to distinguish.

Winning entry for The Kress Project, Georgia Museum of Art (Athens, Georgia USA) 2012
Included in the hardcover book: The Kress Project, Athens / Georgia Museum of Art (USA) 2013