Installation of a gate-way structure, a forced perspective corridor, and 8 1/35 scale architectural models of edgeland buildings. Lighting was from worklights over the models.
Doggerland is a metaphor for the fragility of settlement, for the point where humanity went from hunter/gatherers to settled farmers, a symbol for contemporary capitalism and the resulting heating world.
Doggerland’s concrete buildings exist between military infrastructure and industrial ruin. The architecture reflects memories of edge-lands; in the UK around the River Mersey towards the industrial centre of Widnes; and in Taiwan the coast around Taoyuan Airport. These sites are unfixed in time, seemingly as if ghosts from a future catastrophe.
There is a play with perception in the forced perspective corridors (further fragments of a contemporary world). The corridors drag you in, the bureaucratic nightmare of forms and emails, endless but going nowhere.