Wax maquette formed by the action of ice
Miriam Troth

During our residency there was a new moon and clear skies.

The remote location enabled us to stargaze without the
interference of extraneous light usually experienced in the town.
Nocturne. Mixed media. Miriam Troth

In addition to our individual concerns we were inspired
to discuss the possibility of a collaborative project:

An installation to highlight the problem of light pollution
which impacts on bird migration, contributes to global warming,
climate change and rising sea levels.

Moonlight and Torchlight at Brisons Veor
Photographed by Diane Roberts

Black square crochet casting shadows on rocks in Priest Bay

Photographed By Diane Roberts

Anointing a Rock
Film By Diane Roberts


Black and white film still from Anointing

Screen shot from film Midnight Burning

Ritualistically burning the crocheted black square at Midnight

Film Midnight Burning by Diane Roberts

Gravel Brushing
Performed by Diane Roberts Filmed by Miriam Troth