Location: Tate Modern Exchange Switch Building

13 May 2017, 16.00 – 19.00
Tate Exchange, Level 5 Switch House, Tate Modern

Teachers and educators who participated in the 2016 Summer School have been invited to return to Tate Exchange, where the school took place, to share and reflect on their learning after the event. Summer School is an annual event, run over five consecutive days, devised and led by artists in collaboration with the Schools and Teachers team.

For Summer School 2016, artists Anna Lucas and Alex Schady drew upon their experience both as makers and teachers working within gallery education and university contexts to propose a series of interconnected modules and practical activities.

A selection of prompts are re-presented alongside the work of the teachers and students and two films produced by Anna and Alex both titled Workshop. The presentation explores how the pedagogy embedded in an artist-led event has been taken up by the Teachers’ and their students’ back at school, encouraging further consideration of the nature and possibility of influence.

Summer School Recall is open
4-7 May and 11-12 May, 12.00-18.00
13 May, 12.00-19.00
14 May, 12.00-16.00

Image: Anna Lucus