Ink Water Paper
An installation by Artist Diane Roberts

Diane invites audience participation with her installation.

She poses the Question ‘What do you see?’ to every visitor.
Please answer/comment by using the postcards provided and posting them in the Mirror Box. Thank you.

Diane will be using the box of postcards to create a performance work at the culmination of her exhibition.

The installation information

The installation discusses contrasts and there is a blog running along with the installation where you are invited to make comments .

The work questions our assumptions of both difference and identity – how we see ourselves.
This work forms a tribute to the 2015 Venice Biennale Golden Rose winning Artist Adrian Piper.

Adrian Margaret Smith Piper is an American conceptual artist and philosopher. Her work addresses ostracism, otherness, racial "passing" and racism.
Born: September 20, 1948, New York City.

Diane says
“ My priority is to publicise Piper’s work .”

Diane seeks to explore, along with Piper, the deep seated question of what it is to be a human.

Indian marble paper, rice paper, plastic, glass, nylon, wood and relief Ink.