Approved: 16.12.2010

Denise Hickey

Artist, Arts development worker, Teacher, Gallery educator, Community worker

Approved: 16.12.2010

My work and projects are assembled with a philosophy rooted in Brechtian theory and have a deliberately playful approach. They are an exploration societal expectation of how we occupy space and gives a means to ‘play’ in this arena. The work considers the notion of aspiration, exploring the status given to objects and the effect they can have on our outlooks and personas. There is a nod

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  • Location: London
  • Activities: Secondary education, Special needs education, Workshops, Learning programmes, Participatory projects, Gallery education
  • Categories: Education project, Installation, Participatory, Research, Sculpture


My work and projects are assembled with a philosophy rooted in Brechtian theory and have a deliberately playful approach. They are an exploration societal expectation of how we occupy space and gives a means to ‘play’ in this arena. The work considers the notion of aspiration, exploring the status given to objects and the effect they can have on our outlooks and personas. There is a nod to the relationship between art & life, which make everyday materials and practices momentary icons. Many of the works are concerned with the connections between utopian living and domestic space as well as how we develop ways to coexist in communal spaces. I am interested in exploring the space where art is made, developed, seen and evaluated. Making in public collaboration environments proves to be an exciting and challenging exploration of contemporary art construction, who and what art is for and why artists insist on making it. I am interested in considering, and asking others to consider with me, the democratisation of art and what constitutes an artistic action or object. In my practice I like to construct situations or create props that function to bring into public view what is usually private or unacknowledged. In many of my previous projects I have worked in collaboration with other groups or individuals who operate outside of what is traditionally understood as art practice.

CV & Education


Goldsmiths University, University of London MA Art and Politics 2013-2015  (part-time)

London Metropolitan University, Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design, London 2006-2007 (year 3)

BA (hons) Fine Art 2:1

Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork City, Ireland 2004-2006

Fine Art Degree (years 1 & 2)


Highbury Grove School, project managed by Cubitt Gallery, London Commencing End of April 2014

Artist in Residence

To support students, teachers and local community to participate in socially engaged art projects.

Produce a body of art work in response to the residency.

Fundraising to support the proposed programme.

Devising and organising all aspects of an Artists Talks programme.

Frances Bardsley Academy, Romford, London  June 2011- April 2014

The Brentwood Road Gallery Curator

To work to fulfil the aims of The Brentwood Road Gallery by devising and coordinating a programme of exhibitions and events in line with the galleries mission statement.

Devising appropriate policies and procedures in response to the Gallery ethos.

Identify, commission and support emerging and established artists.

Implement new initiatives, including the Romford Art Trail and festival, the Gallery Makers shop, the Havering artist co-op and HATs- Havering Arts Teachers forum.

To develop effective working partnerships with local and national organisations including schools, galleries, town council and other arts providers.

To manage the day-to-day operations at The Brentwood Road Gallery, ensuring that policies and procedures are appropriate and are adhered to and overseeing the smooth running of the facility as an art space.

To oversee the use of the Artist studio facility and ensure it is positively and appropriately used.

Manage and support the Gallery Assistant and work experience and internship programme.

Engage in positive marketing events to promote the facilities and projects where appropriate including regular market research, promotions, advertising and publicity.

Assist in identifying new funding streams and to assist with the management and tracking of existing funding streams. To draw up reports for funding bodies.

Manage and track the budget.

Work closely with other members of The Frances Bardsley Academy, the FBA arts team and Art Department to ensure a cohesive and coordinated approach. To work in a flexible and adaptable way in order to respond the needs of the young people, colleagues and FBA.



Frances Bardsley School, Romford, London September 2010-2013

The Arty Place Project Leader

Manage The Arty place projects with young people. To develop a programme of activities that meet the needs of disadvantaged, vulnerable and “in need” young people. To initiate partnerships that will encourage young people to participate in positive creative activities and to enable young people to build strong links with their community.

Develop a meaningful dialogue with young people in the target group with the purpose of assessing and working towards meeting their needs of personal and social development.

Develop and maintain a varied programme of arts projects and activities.

Work in participation with young people to ensure their ideas contribute fully in the planning and delivery of sessions, projects and activities.

Work with teachers to devise and develop projects relevant to schemes of work

Frances Bardsley School, Romford, London September 2008 – 2010

Artist in Residence- Full-time

Working with groups of young people, across all key stages and abilities, on art projects

Working with colleagues to devise artist led projects in keeping with national curriculum

Devising arts projects and workshops based on the specific needs of the group

Preparation, planning and promotion of a solo art exhibition of the work made during my residency time

Delivering artist talks

Weekly feedback to Community partnership manager

Dissemination of skills through needs based training to colleagues


ArtsRepublik, Notting Hill, London 2008

Personal Assistant-Contract

Coordination of and administration for an art exhibition and expose of artists working in China

PR and Marketing

General administration and distribution of information


Penny Fielding Interiors, Orford Road, Walthamstow, London October 2007-July 2008

Art sales coordinator

Implementation and coordination of arts events

Writing press releases for art events

Storing and handling art work

Sourcing, networking with and supporting artists

Management of stock

Shop and window dressing


Kerry Youth Service, Tralee, Co.Kerry, Ireland September 2001- 2003

Community youth and volunteer support worker

Implementation of face to face projects with at risk young people 

Facilitation of training for young people and adults

The maintenance of the volunteer youth workers forum, support worker for the volunteer run youth projects and management of the volunteer database

Community profiling and needs analysis

Planning and evaluation for all individual projects and on an annual basis

Documentation of all projects

PR and Marketing

Managing allocated budget

Sourcing additional funding and submission of funding applications


Samhlaíocht Kerry Arts, Tralee, Co.Kerry, Ireland September 1999-2001

Community arts administrator

Facilitating community arts and planning workshops

Co-ordination of a community parade including booking professional artists

Needs analysis of community groups in relation to specific arts projects

Organisation and facilitation of public meetings

Managing allocated budget

Sourcing additional funding and submission of funding applications

PR and administration for projects


CUBITT OVER 55’S. January 2014. Registered education artist

PUBLIC\SPACE. Established 2013. An artist led publishing company

THE LEARNING EXCHANGE. 2013. A collaborative project which aims to share information and resources in return for other skills and learning opportunities. Next event at The Art Party Conference, Scarborough.

BOW ARTS. February 2013. Registered education artist with Bow Art Trust delivering art projects to support students of all ages and teachers.

ART MARKET. December 2012. A one day selling and exhibiting opportunity for artists

ROOM. July 2012. A pop up itinerant art space which engages audiences through an exhibition and education programme

SEWING FOR THE EXTREMELY LAZY. 2012 ongoing A one day course which takes place in a variety of venues including community centres and vintage clothes shops


JULY 2013: I made a tool to measure space//I am surrounded by objects that define me. Double bill exhibition. Artworks project space, Barbican Arts Trust studios. Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow.

SEPTEMBER 2013: The, play, make, share object collection and subsequent archive MISE-EN-SCENE bow arts open exhibition. Directed by Cullinan Richards. Bermondsey Project

OCTOBER 2013: Behind Closed Doors. Studios artists exhibition. Barbican Arts Trust studios, Blackhorse Lane.


2012: Take Something/Leave Something.  An exploration of the status awarded to objects and peoples response to giving and receiving.

2012: The Table. Residencies between 2 minutes and 24 hours are offered at The Table to explore the notion of contested intellectual space. Each person in residence is invited to document their activity how they feel if appropriate