A tribute to women and mothers

Small Promethean Acts is a project that comprises sculptural installation with sound. Celebrating invisible domestic acts, the project collects and shares short sound-bites of stories of every day mundane acts performed in the care of others.

Using assemblage, sculpture and installation as a methodological approach to re-configure and multiply meaning, combining ordinary domestic objects with gestural stoneware figures creates surprising and playful arrangements that explore our relationships with others. The gestures of the fractured clay figures engender subjective response creating empathy and affectivity.

Weaving stories and narratives between sculpture and sound to celebrate the invisible, incidental acts we perform for each other, recordings of short stories from mothers and carers reveal their strength, resilience and potential. Through creating a critical mass of accumulated small objects and stories these small promethean acts, represents the incidental and unmonumental stories that make up the often invisible and uncelebrated everyday lives of carers and domestic workers.