A tribute to women and mothers

I use assemblage as a sculptural methodological approach to re-configure and multiply meaning. By combining ordinary domestic objects with gestural stoneware figures, these surprising and playful arrangements explore order and disorder in the relationships between humans and things. The gestures of the fractured clay figures engender subjective response creating empathy and affectivity. In combination with a domestic found object the human figure acquires a new symbolism in relation. The resulting dialogue between performs and engages with narratives and stories of the self. Initially each assemblage sculpture was part of a project called Object Relation, in that each figure created a relationship with the object and also told or related a story.

Just as each individual small-scale sculpture creates a narrative, the intention of creating an installation with up to 50 sculptures in combination is to celebrate the diversity of domestic stories and experiences. The installation becomes like a grotto that collects objects of veneration and the figures here are a tribute to women and the domestic. They feature object-subject relationships, creating a female Subject that acts on – as well as being acted upon. Historically women were often only represented as passive and the female Subject much debated. Creating a mass of accumulated women, celebrates their strength, resilience and potential. The additional sound work of recordings of women telling short stories of a domestic moment – a small promethean act – represents the incidental and unmonumental stories that make up the often invisible and uncelebrated everyday lives of carers and domestic workers.