Approved: 08.03.2018

Davinia-Ann Robinson

Artist, Community worker, Curator

Approved: 08.03.2018

I am a Contemporary Visual Artist, born 1987 in Wolverhampton and currently based in London.

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I am a Contemporary Visual Artist, born 1987 in Wolverhampton and currently based in London.

My work explores the cultural palatability of being a Black British Women navigating through cultural biased terrains which have developed from ideals of race and gender superiority, while examining notions of object, abject and the grotesque. I primarily create sculpture and installation pieces however I have a multidisciplinary approach within my practice and have experimented with photography, film and mark making. The work that I create is rooted in critical research into Gender and Race studies while drawing from my personal experiences. 

My most recent work entitled My Body Your Body Her Body consists of three sculptures made from wooden planks, faux hair and gold pins. The pieces relay themes of femininity, ethnicity, gaudy and grotesque using stain, gloss and faux European straight hair. The sculptures explore conditioned ideas of beauty and acceptability that is placed on Black Women in Western Culture. The sculptures are displayed in a state of movement yet are stationary which highlights the juxtaposition of the progression of the Black Women in Western Culture as she pushes against notions of her status and stereotypes. 

For the future I hope too further examine feelings of detachment and cultural pallatablity in my work. I hope to continue too expand my critical knowledge by researching contemporary essays, books and examining present day discussions on Race and Gender studies and I wish to secure space and time to be creative, experiment and share my practice with other artists and viewers. 

My work discusses  combined race and gender subjects which are topical, timely, relevant on a local and international level (as seen in such movements, #blacklivesmatter and #metoo) and yet are often overlooked within Western  Contemporary Art. 

CV & Education


Davinia-Ann Robinson



Exhibitions / Curated Shows

Leyden Gallery, London -2018

Breese Street Art Studios, Melbourne-2018

Darling Buds, Maplim Education, London-2014

Goldsmiths Collage, University Of London-2010

Camberwell College, University Of The Arts-2007


Delivered  Workshops

Ebony Horse Club, Brixton, London-2017

Body and Soul, Angel, London-2016

Look Ahead, Brixton, London-2014

Peckham Platform, Peckham, London-2012



Winner of the Eckley Lacey Textile Awards Goldsmiths University Of London 2010



Goldsmiths, University of London 2007- 2010 Art Practice 2:1 BA Hons

Camberwell College, University of The Arts London 2006 -2007 Foundation Studies Diploma