A virtual camera circles a computer model of the Ryoan-ji Zen Garden in Kyoto. Placed within the raked gravel are fifteen stones carefully placed in five groups. It is traditionally said that only through attaining enlightenment can one view all stones at the same time. However, given the crowded nature of the garden as a tourist attraction this is difficult to ascertain so this simulation provides a digital alternative. However, perhaps this process of translation is missing the point? A meditation on the nature of nirvana, artificial intelligence and the endless pursuit of progress.
This is a titled and credited version of the work with audio for use in screenings. The soundtrack was created using noises emitted by the computer used to render the animation.
You can also see a silent continuous, seamless loop version for use as a single channel installation here: vimeo.com/166927003

Modelled in Blender and rendered using Cycles.
Production Date (for this version): 2017