A variation on the SQUARE SPIRAL STREAM (*), made as a pure Processing sketch. ''SQUARE' as in the lines are drawn at a right angle to the previous line. So, rectangular in this 16 x 9 HDTV format installation. Each spiral is a single colour chosen at random. Each line is a random width (within predefined limits). Spirals are continuously drawn from the same point of origin. This random construction process is continuous making each view a new experience.

A stand-alone kinetic art display installation. Now mounted with a mobile stand. A RPI3B+, Samsung 43 inch HD TV, Processing, powered by two TV USB ports. Auto boots into the sketch. A plug and play mobile exhibition setup. Awaiting opportunity. Free standing, only needs a convenient single mains socket. Turn on at opening time. Turn off at closing time. No other intervention required.

* The SQUARE SPIRAL STREAM is a kinetic sketch, made with the p5js javascript processing library. The stream is installed at: XYZ.REVAD.COM, where you can experience your very own unique random stream of noisy colourful square spirals.