In our time-frame we can appear to be static and consequently we often consider ourselves as objects. If we take a different time perspective, we would see clearly that we are process, a temporary use of energy, drawn from the universe at conception and to be returned to the universe at death. As process, we are influenced by our environment, influenced by what we experience through our senses. The choices we make are in reaction to those influences but, given the sheer number of variables, it is unlikely we can ever predetermine the outcome.

Our potential for choice is often seen as being limited by our experience and influences, and there is little point in trying to choose a path that is outside our sphere. We simply do not have the experience or connections to make that happen. However, what we can do is, make a choice to gain a new experience, to seek out a new influence, and then spend the necessary time and energy in pursuit of a different path. On the one hand we are seen as ‘entirely constructed by our surroundings’, on the other hand it is within our sphere to make a change in how we process those influences and, given the necessary input of time and energy, change our path.

To stay in balance we must shift our centre to compensate for changes in influence and experience. Our centre is not fixed, it is something we must continually work at. To attempt to stay fixed is to cut ourselves off from experience and influence. To attempt to stay fixed is to attempt to stop the process. To attempt to die.


(originally written in 2012, but relevant to my own perspective today)