My ideas leading up to my Mothership residency were based around Daylight Saving Time and the ‘loss’ of an hour on October 30th. I had some pretty firm ideas of what I wanted to do. I was interested in what happened during this lost hour, and thinking about work that was time based rather than site-specific.

Once at the Mothership my ideas evolved as I decided to follow a more relaxed approach, an approach that allowed an element of play. In the end the three pieces of work I started and continue to make are pretty dark, heavily centered on Autumn, exploring the feeling of losing the light and thinking about the darker side of things!

Here I include an image that documents an intervention 'Fall leaves fall' inspired by the poem by Emily Brontë, and two films both shot after dark: 'i see you' and 'forest floor'. For more details about the work please see my website: