Original paintings and drawings by David Ainley featured on the cover and in
the liner notes of 5 CD box set Morton Feldman Piano which has just been released by Another
Timbre Records will be on view at a launch event in Sheffield on 2 October. The pianist
Philip Thomas, a leading interpreter of Feldman’s music, will perform For Bunita Marcus
alongside shorter pieces. Two films, on Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, scored by
Feldman will be screened on the night. David Ainley has for many years found inspiration in
the music of Morton Feldman which has been described as “Hypnotic, shimmeringly beautiful and
endlessly fascinating, Morton Feldman’s piano music is conceived on a huge scale yet unfolds
almost like a whisper, using the most simple of ideas.” Further details of this and associated
concerts in Huddersfield and London together with extracts of the music and images of the artwork
may be found via the following links:


Philip Thomas Plays Feldman — launch concert
Wednesday 2 October 2019, 7.15pm
Upper Chapel, Sheffield

The cover image illustrated here is David Ainley's 'Rough Pasture (Veins)', 2004-2005, Acrylic on cut-through panel