Location: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dydEwAzw8qM

From Autograph gallery in collaboration with Disability Arts Online, join us for an online panel discussion in which disabled and non-disabled artists and researchers share their thoughts on what stillness and mobility mean in a digitally hyperconnected society. Hosted by Joe Turnbull, arts critic and Assistant Editor of Disability Arts Online, and featuring artists Matilda Ibini and KIN (Cultura Plasmic INC).

Paul Virilio’s seminal text Open Sky predicted that digital technology, and in particular digital communications, would render us static. No longer needing to move in order to access information, friends, workplaces, physical destinations, he hypothesised that our future selves would be in a sense immobile.

Can we be more mobile in our immediate social networks whilst also experiencing greater isolation and alienation from the world around us?

As digital technology increases accessibility, does it also paradoxically create new limitations and barriers via continuous data monitoring and tracking?

The worlds of science and big tech which create these new tools are not known for their diversity – where is the disability perspective in the development and social impact of new technology?

Over the course of the evening, participants will explore how these perspectives meet in the context of disability, human rights and the coronavirus lockdown.

This event will be audio described and captioned. BSL interpretation will be provided by Rachael Veazey.