Location: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow

An immersive sound art double-bill featuring Watchtower from artist Kin (Cultura Plasmic INC) and Origins from Silent Chaos.

Combining surround sound, projection and sculpture, Watchtower takes the symbol of a lighthouse to explore the shifting gaze of modern-day surveillance. Shining an all-seeing eye into the vast ocean, a ray of light is beamed into the unknown to avert risk and protect from danger. The ocean and distorted noise become symbols of unpredictability (as opposed to the conformity that surveillance strives for), and light becomes a trope to examine the quest for total visibility and control. Created using drone footage and audio from an overheard telephone conversation hiding NSA trigger words in its banality, Watchtower reflects on the vastness of data being collected and the ominous presence of a system that records everything we say and do. Surveillance is revealed as something that we participate in, particularly in the giving away of data via social media networks and use of communication technologies to record and distribute personal information. It looks at how perspective has shifted within surveillance, from an external spotlight on specific activities to a gaze that we internalise and reproduce. From the CCTV model that only works if it is visible to the public to the hidden invisible online tracking systems that do as little to draw attention as possible. From the Panopticon to the Cryptopticon.

Stepping back to ancient times, Origins aims to regain freedom from technology to reveal ancient human archetypes and ideals that are becoming all but lost. Building tension between structured drones, steady drums and continuously changing and glitching visuals, Silent Chaos (Rome) create a dark, dream-like environment where we discover a growing disconnect with nature and our true selves.

Tickets: http://www.cca-glasgow.com/programme/cryptic-nights-watchtower-and-silent-chaos
Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vYtG-H10rY

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