Approved: 16.08.2006

Clive Walley

Artist, Film-maker

Approved: 16.08.2006


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To start with, in the sixties, I made environments, painting and sculpture, basing the environments on the notions of Marshall McLuhan and my painting on Jasper Johns. I got interested in the dimensionality of painting by reading Clement Greenberg et al. I saw painting losing ground to film and TV and decided to improve its viability by increasing its dimensionality! I have usually co-operated with composers to make my later films. Because they are abstract I want them to work like music rather than as conventional narratives. My professional training has left me with an abiding interest in the philosophy of science. I made "Light of Uncertainty" as the first of a planned trilogy of films which depend on the ideas of post-classical science. I wanted to indicate that the new knowledge is not as inimical to the spirit as was the old. I could not finance the last two. Then I was ill in 2004. Being ill changes your mind a little bit. I am noticing that, now I am in Somerset, working with other artists making video installations. These new pieces are collaborations with Michael Bennet. His paintings form the content of shows which exploit the relation between "original", material works of art, and their technologically mediated ghosts. In the last two years I have returned to painting under the watch of Michael Bennett. He was a paintng tutor in St. Martin's and has a fierce eye. The art community in Frome is highly educated and up to date. It offers the option of making easel painting for a critically discriminating audience.



Hybrid, Multi-media, Painting


Career path;

My University degree was in Engineering. I used a Diploma in Education to convert to being an Art teacher. In the sixties I taught art and general studies to pay for my practice in North Wales. Later I became a self-employed builder. I exhibited in North Wales on a regular basis, usually in one or two person shows, using the University Gallery in Bangor as a main venue. In parallel with the painting and the day jobs, we began to experiment with film in various co-ops and umbrella groupings. I eventually sold my first art-film idea to TV in 1982 and used that film to sell a quartet proposal to Channel 4 thereafter. I began to win awards. C4, BBC2 and S4C have bought my art films over a period of twenty years. And Procter and Gamble, among others, have bought my commercial work. Now I am now based in Frome, Somerset, and have returned to painting and art movies.

CV & Education

Public realm 2010 - A for Animation, The Public, West Bromwich Solo exhibitions 1998 - Light of Uncertainty (film), BBC2 1998 - Show of 12 photo painting prints, Arteria Gallery, ZAGREB 1997 - Five films by Clive Walley, BBC2 1997 - Scene by Scene, interview on stage with Yuri Nostein, Edinburgh Film Festival 1995 - Retrospective, Dublin Animation festival 1995 - Space, Time and Paint, 'Six films by Clive Walley', BBC2 1992 - 4-Mations, Quartet, and Now You, half hour programme, C4 Group exhibitions 2006 - Spacetricks, Short European Tour, Various 2001 - Animation, new show, three artists, in Norwich Art Gallery 2001 - Measuring Wales, interactive digital piece in A470, eight artists show in Martyn Gallery, Llandudno and Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno 1996 - 9 paintings, Last dance, Theater Clwyd 1996 - Divertimenti, six films in WSYWYG, Aberystwyth Arts Centre 1989 - Films in, Ways of Seeing, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno Artist talks 2010 - Michael Bennet's Triptych, The Museum Studio, Frome 2007 - Opening screening/address, Flip Animation Festival, Wolverhampton 2006 - Science and Art - Poles Apart, Widcombe Studios, Bath 2005 - Understanding Einstein, History of Science Museum, Oxford Workshops 2006 - Learn How To Paint Movies, The Frome Festival, Frome, Somerset Site specific 2011 - Two and Twelve, The Museum , Frome 2009 - Refuge, The Museum, Frome, Somerset 2008 - Sanctuary, The Museum, Frome, Somerset 2007 - Disciples, Hill Gallery, Kilmersdon, Somerset Other 2009 - Refuge, The Museum, Frome


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