We constantly create incidental portraits of ourselves, images left in our environment and in the memories of others. Life as a series of self-presentations. Never before have we exposed and self-curated our personal image to the extent that we do now with social media. Each new presentation develops an increasingly complex, multidimensional sense of an individual.

During the past months, I have been using social media with a group of invited participants to share conversations exploring the idea of self in a digital age (Twitter @VirtualEyeArt). Participants have been developing a vocabulary of objects based around 4 themes (Work, Interests, Home, Family). They select, photograph and share images of objects that each individual identifies as a non-verbal means of describing themselves. We share our thoughts about the objects and their vocabulary.

What do the shared objects mean to you? What are we saying with the images we share about ourselves that do not include our own image?

You can only take part in the conversations by using @VirtualEyeArt on Twitter.