Recording the familiar -
I am constantly curious about capturing the familiar of everyday life within our manic household. The things that strangely becomes a part of the past, quietly disappear and suddenly seem less important as my family grow.
I am obsessed with quirky moments of childhood that when my daughter leaves home and makes her own family, will be totally forgotten and event feel like they never existed. This is a project about time and how life goes on, but you never really realise it. This body of work responds to growth and change, the images rebel against the classic family portrait, there are no annual headshot from school with forced smiles. It’s the real things around me. Annoying stickers on the wall, dirty paintwork, that as a mum I neglect, capturing odd lights and shadows that are created by her presence.
I want these images to draw you in, so you are hungry to learn more about everyday life and nuances within my home. My images paint more than just a peaceful and relaxed picture. They are an honest shot of the real.

  • Dimensions: 100mmx70mm
  • Contexts: Exhibition
  • Artforms: Photography
  • Tags: girls, children, child, room, possessions, identity, growing, family, space, photography, girl, child, room, space, possessions, life, home, growing