Mouldy apple plus others items - A brave photographic investigation of the contents in the school lost property box.
One morning, I find myself digging through the masses of red and grey jumpers, dirty shorts, water bottles, coats, and other bizarre lost items that have been misplaced, discarded and forgotten. I feel I need a forensic suit , followed by a hot bath. Germs, rotten food, hair and other nondescript items are loitering at the bottom of the draws. Will I catch anything untoward and will any of the items be reunited?

Apparently, personal property is generally deemed to have been LOST if it is found in a place where the owner unintentionally put it down and where it is not likely to be found by the true owner.
Mislaid or misplaced – I don’t want to keep any of the items, they have been returned to the box, however I was tempted by the false eye lashes.

  • Dimensions: 100x75
  • Contexts: Exhibition
  • Artforms: Photography
  • Tags: lost property, items, mislaid, school, box, mould, dust