Project: Biosphere | Subject: Seed Dispersal
By drawing together the physics of botany I am intrigued to develop an insight into the journey of a seed from when it leaves the plant. These artworks are an exploration of how seeds use the thermals as a form of wind dispersal. The colours used are inspired by the aurora reflecting light onto the seeds and dust particles as they are caught in the airflows of our solar system. There are four versions of each screen print.
Materials: screen prints and surface decoration on paper. A second working of graphite and oil pastels creates the surface decoration. Four in series, editions 1/100
Please Note - Images shown are a crop of the original print/surface decoration

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  • Dimensions: 6h x 20w cm
  • Contexts: Practice-based research
  • Artforms: Printmaking
  • Tags: Atmostphere, if we could see what was in the air - what would it look like, pollen, organic matter, seeds, Dust, float, fly, Seed dispersal, Nature