Location: The Gallery at HAC,Harrow Art Centre, HA54EA

Exhibit has worked in partnership with Harrow Arts Centre (HAC), and has successfully been supported using public funding by the Arts Council, England to establish a new experimental contemporary gallery that invites professional national and international artists to exhibit with us and to initiate new European networks for Harrow based artists. The Gallery at Harrow Arts Centre is our first step toward these goals. It is a platform for artists who need exposure for their work to develop and further their ideas.

Culture presents their work alongside sculpture, video, painting and drawing by twelve other artists. Four are based locally to The Gallery: Jane McAdam Freud, Claire McDermott, Susan Williams and Erika Wengenroth. Two international artists have been invited: Hartmut Stielow, based in Germany, and Maria Oriza Perez, based in Spain. Paul Murphy, Andrian Melka, Julian Wild, Judith Nicholson, Damilola Odusote and Emma Cooper are all based in different locations across Great Britain. Culture will start new conversations in Harrow that we hope will spread new ideas nationally and internationally.

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