Location: Tate Exchange

Winifred Pritchett CSM and Claire Mc Dermott CSM have invited guest artists Rosie Leventon CSM, Alexandra Harley CSM, Ana Catarina Pereira CCA, D J Roberts CSM and Pierre-Antoine Martin CSM to exhibit and to be the core group for this critique. For the last half of the afternoon the floor is open to you the public so bring in a small piece of artwork or maquette and join in our OPEN CRIT from 2.30- 4.00pm

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Come together: Art and Politics in a climate of unrest - There are quite a few workshops being set up over the next few days, but our group is called Art Crit who is using this exciting opportunity to use thinking as a form of play and oppose the decision not to have art taught at school. We will talk about significant memories of art at school, why it became apparent to our art practice and/or talk about what is to be gained from experiencing an art critique while at art college.