Stoneware, black clay, porcelain, 22carat gold lustre, crater glaze, sand.
Dimensions - variable up to 5ft.

Installation for group exhibition ‘Collective Disturbance’ curated by Ruth Fox, as part of the Turner Prize Festival, Margate, September 2019.

I've been working with porcelain inlays on black clay for a long time, so I took my favourite parts of previous works, and designed a new large scale artwork that pushes me further than I’ve ever gone before with the clay. The theme of the show is partly inspired by 'Meaning and Melancholia: Life in the Age of Bewilderment' by Christopher Bollas, and the fragmentation / disconnection of our current social and political state, which is something that is concerning us all at the moment. Ruth Fox invited me to take part as my themes of connection, storytelling and identity were a natural fit.