Location: Houghton Hall, Bircham Rd, King's Lynn PE31 6TY

Showing my newest works made about my beloved North Sea.
A keen sea swimmer I began taking photos while in the water in 2020 and having amassed a thousand photos I firstly began to draw in charcoal then later paint the greenish sea of the East coast sea.
The works will be shown in the stables exhibition at Houghton Hall, with a major exhibition of Sean Scully in the grounds and hall.

'East to East proposes a bridge between art from the east and what is happening here, now, in East Anglia. We hope that it will help lay to rest assumptions about the UK being a more isolated place post Brexit, resistant to cultural exchange. Historically, this was not the case. Early global connections like the silk road were established long before the growth of maritime trade during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries allowed goods and customs to spread incrementally between east and west.' Paul Vater, Curator.

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