‘Mining Couture: A Manifesto for Common Wear’ is a 143-page full colour book published by Black Dog [ISBN 978-1-907317-92-7] and emerges from a collaborative art project between myself, Steve Swindells and Leicestershire County Council’s Snibston Discovery Museum, exploring the relationship between coal mining and fashion and its surprisingly rich cultural history. Featuring essays, interviews and discussions, illustrated with photographs, maps, video stills and more, ‘Mining Couture’ is a unique study that merges history, fashion, art and contemporary life. Delving into the notion of ‘common wear’ and focusing on its social context, the book is brought to life through first-hand written recollections by miners and industry workers, including an interview with the 1972 National Coal Queen Margaret Dominiak, alongside participation with contemporary artists and curators. Featuring contributions by Professor Jessica Hemmings, Professor Paul Ward and curator June Hill, ‘Mining Couture: A Manifesto for Common Wear’ is a rare project which merges narratives form across the cultural spectrum, from social history to textile art.