Momentarily Lost is an innovative and direct presentation of contemporary opera and immersive
installation that stages a newly composed score for voice in a labyrinthine performance space.

As each individual journeys into and explores the work, fragments ofnarrative and voice emerge,
creating an encounter with space and sound in which they can become momentarily lost.

Singers and audience traverse parallel and partially overlapping paths; performers appear and
disappear, their locations concealed from sight then revealed by sound. From moment to moment,
as the voices rise, blend, and disperse, the centre of the labyrinth is defined through sound rather
than space, and is always temporary.

Each individual experiences a unique sequence of intimate moments of direct solo performance,
distant sound, and points of spatial disorientation, becoming immersed in a heightened and
cumulative experience of word, voice and changing surroundings.

Every experience is unique and unrepeatable.

  • Dimensions: Variable
  • Artforms: Installation
  • Tags: Immersive, Installation, Opera, Performance, Temporary