Cafe Culture

Auditour is a maquette that explores and tries to make sense of sound that references borders, territories and global identity. This series uses sound research undertaken in four cities, Leicester, Saskatoon, Athens and Cagliari. Recordings were taken in seven different everyday sites that had similarities in each city. The sites were market, cafe, transport hub, public transport, church, high street and shopping centre. The first of the series shown here explores cafe culture. Each of the four recordings are played both separately and together in different combinations to explore how language is perceived by non-speakers of that language and by its native speakers. It looks at similarities and differences within the site itself through language and culture and through the listening experience shown here.

Further series will explore the other locations to draw conclusions on how sound, language and culture articulate space, how space influences the sound and how this impacts on how we think about global identities through this use of the commonplace.