Location: The Gallery, Broadway, 17 Heathcote Strteet, Nottingham NG13AL

An artist residency weaving art/science and environment

In 2022, I travelled by narrowboat in a giant loop going south from the River Soar to the River Thames then following it north up to the Oxford Canal and home. The aim was to explore all facets of water - rivers, canals, puddles and look at the hinterland of those places from the artist’s perspective. The Bleak Place part of the title came from current world affairs such as the invasion of Ukraine which weighed heavily.

In the gallery, I will bring all the elements of that journey together to linking them with the science of water pollution and global water issues. The natural history of the riverbanks was identified, documented and became a springboard for my interdisciplinary art practice. There is drawing, sound, film, photography that together creates a map of the journey.

There will be two open days on April 8th and April 15th between 12 and 6pm when the gallery is open. At other times, you are welcome to visit but please email me first at [email protected]

More information at https://chriswright.wordpress.com