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Artist Talk today

We have two artists talks scheduled in the coming weeks with the Hatchery Artists. Join us on Facebook Live on the Artcore Gallery Page at 4 PM BST (dates mentioned below). The artists will be discussing their experience during this self-directed residency as well as sharing some of their work and the process & thematic concerns behind them.

https://gmail.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=369ffd927d76f466ca58ce999&id=d3bbaa101a&e=ae9c8ddd50 - https://gmail.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=369ffd927d76f466ca58ce999&id=d3bbaa101a&e=ae9c8ddd50

Hatchery Artists
Lockdown – a place where nothing we see is unknown
Hatchery – a place where new things are produced

Hatchery Artists is a multidisciplinary group of artists using the recently changed circumstances to experiment with new creative approaches. The exhibition, She’d, named to reflect our ability to carve a quiet space and time out of our domestic situations to continue making work and the fact that we also just happen to be all female, focuses on works made or progressed during the lockdown. The artists are: Dr. Chris A. Wright (UK), Dee Shiels (UK), Dr. Helen Lees (Italy), Helen Stephenson (UK), Jackie Berridge (UK), Linda Duvall (Canada) and Mary Hayes (UK).

Supported by Artcore, ArtsCouncilEngland and Designcore