Emptying my studio space, moving, sorting, recycling, throwing away and generally evaluating. My studios are closing at the end of December so I am putting it all into storage whilst I think what to do. I feel that I do not want to be rushed into making a decision of where to go. In the meantime, however, there is a showing of Sheila Ravnkilde’s work Poured Lengths - suspended. each of us will exhibit a piece of work in support. This will take place on Sunday, December 2nd if anyone would like to see it and celebrate the Harrington Mill Studios achievements over the years. I will be showing a drawing The Icknield way was once thought to be nearly a mile across. A very long title that comes from Joe Moran’s book On Roads. It refers to the fact that the Roman road expanded in size due to its usage, for example, people picking their way round the mud and ruts. This drawing was an attempt to understand how this happened. Beginning with a single line drawn in charcoal on a piece of canvas, I tried to draw over that line as accurately as I could but over the hundreds of repetitions, it grew. In my now empty space, it is suspended and looks so much more than that simple piece. I think I have learnt a lot with this piece as regards value, worth and exhibiting.

I have, unfortunately, only moved my huge amounts of stuff to another space to be packed up properly. The new space, however, has a darkroom cupboard and the old projector that I was given has been mended, I see at least three weeks of playing!