The last few weeks has seen an enormous accumulation of knowledge. Following on from the HMS/Contre-Courant exchange in April, we have now hosted the French artists. This was primarily exhibitions at 35Gamble and HMS Gallery in Nottingham plus meals, forest visits and studio/workspace tours. My French has improved tremendously as well! The intensity of such a week interspersed with pub sessions generates a very creative atmosphere but, really, gets no actual work completed. My work was finished at 6 pm for a 6.30 opening which was very unlike me. Got over-happy with my new stapler which then necessitated lots of extra work taking them out with a screwdriver. Called Auditour, it was the first part of a series which used my research recordings from last year. Although a prototype, the installation worked well and will be used as a basis for the rest of the series. The second work, Creative Confessional, was a performative collaboration with Louise Garland. It proved a lively and fun work.