A week of temp. work to keep that not-so-mythical wolf from the door. However, managed to fit in quite a lot of thinking/note-making time. Now have eleven pieces of paper in various sizes and colours to make sense of. It is not always easy to push ideas forward when it is done in minute amounts of dislocated time but I have consistently created mind-maps over the last year, always on the same subject but maybe with a different starting point - notions of sound, time, space, body, and have, eventually made a breakthrough. I now have to think about how this will affect my practice.

It is going to be a week of interruptions again but have one whole day in the studio. This is planned carefully. Firstly, I promised to help someone with her research, then an artist lunch in the studio which is going to be productive and fun with a mix of artists from the studio and outside. After that, a discussion about my open studio collaboration (must do some reading – Bachelard’s Poetics of Space). Even though this is not until October, time goes so quickly when we are both busy. I may even work on a planned exhibition proposal.

The image is part of my series of dead animals, mostly killed by traffic but occasionally, like this, probably poisoned. By dressing them up in child’s clothes, I wanted to highlight this carnage and maybe jolt viewers into a more close association with their own lives. This mole, however, was in a field and I had no props with me so a makeshift umbrella was fashioned.

I was thinking about the value of these blogs. I write them for me but publish them which sounds a bit contradictory. It helps me get things in perspective especially when I am not in the studio. When I am in the studio, I feel that I have to much to write. Also, I am always wary of revealing what I am working on, because so many of my ideas are experimental and it never feels the right time. But, if they are for me, why do I feel secretive?