Art etc. No.3

It is now the last few days of the Birmingham School of Art PhD Takeover. I have continued using the space in a variety of ways that further my own research and develop connections with the space, area and individuals through my actions of taking photographs. There are now Modes of Mediation and Modes of Creation following the Modes of Production and Modes of Exchange. I was coming to this through a revisiting of Foucault’s concept of parrhesia and the ideas of different sorts of parrhesiast. I think this notion of truth as a form of risk-taking both to subject and object is especially important to an artist. This is further taken up by Bert Fischer in the essay The Notion and Politics of Listening for the exhibition Hylsnan at Casino Luxembourg in 2013. He describes this notion of parrhesia as an ‘act of freedom’ within the context of listening which aligns to the other parts of my output here. This text is really interesting and worth reading.

The last day included the performances of Tacet and Tenuto with Ed McKeon in the foyer of the university. This is a link to the work.

The two pieces were performed one after the other. I was initially unsure of this but Ed was right, they needed to be performed like this. It is sometimes hard to take this sort of decision when you have only one chance to do it. However, it worked brilliantly within the resonances of the space forming a link between space, body and sound in a particular moment of time. Now need to get it all in perspective after 18 months planning. Art isn’t built in day.