I am currently looking at all the sound recordings I have made over the past week to see how I can best download them and utilize them. My latest has been to record underground. These files are huge! The premise is to hear a stalactite forming and I have been so grateful to Treak Cliff Cavern in Castleton, Derbyshire for allowing me to leave my recorder there overnight. This is the recording site in the cavern showing the stalactites only a few thousand years old. It also shows a Blue John vein. Wrapped everything in cling film to keep the damp away and made little skirts around the mics so as not to obscure the sound. It seems to have worked well. Managed to persuade the guide to do a quick humming session as well to test the resonances. Thanks, Gareth. Experimenting in all these different spaces has been really important. I now think that I should look at it from the angle of time rather than space although of course they are interlinked and by doing this, it has created some new ideas and thoughts about past work.