Approved: 12.09.2009

Chris A. Wright

Artist, Researcher, Writer

Approved: 12.09.2009






      An interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in East Midlands, UK, I have exhibited in Italy, New Zealand, Norway and the USA as well as the UK using a wide variety of media but currently focusing on sound and light. My interests are borders and transitory spaces, which I see as engaging political thought and social engagement. These interests focus not only on the crossing, the moment where one thing becomes another, a transient, ambiguous space and that reveals the fragility of the isolated moment but also relate to place and placelessness and to concepts of territory, the horizon and to identity. However, the border locates itself within the larger environment of the hinterland, a littoral zone of constant change. It includes the non-place which functions as a territorialised space as well as political, social, cultural, geographical borders.


      My current focus is on light and sound, which also includes silence. Sound is a way of engaging with space, and borders in particular, where the leakiness of sound overrides the border. Light creates constantly changing crepuscular zones. These can be aligned to the nature of cities from heart to marginal areas. The hapticity of these spaces and the rhythms found within it allow a different understanding by using the ephemeral, temporary nature of sound and light. An ultimate aim is to experiment using sound and light as momentary structures, to construct an ephemeral sculptural object that promotes a fluid creative process whereby ideas are generated that can transcend the stuckness of the conventional artefact which, by its very nature indicates tangibility, a solidity. Silence is an important part and I have a long-standing ambition to record silence, which has taken me underground and underwater to no avail.


      Taking sound and light as if tangible objects enables me to look at their influence on the space around them and also incorporates the sculptural sensibilities of the ‘object’. This is defined as how the object transforms its surroundings, creating, locating, altering and crossing boundaries. Identifying these ‘objects’, in the shape of sound and light, as already present in the environment such as a door left ajar with light and voices creeping out or as scenarios constructed using things found on location such as an object that filters light or a tin can that can echo a sound from elsewhere, they allow a tangibility of the ephemeral. The conjunction of space and object creates an intersection, a meeting place. All these situations expose the way space is altered through their presence. It highlights the situation of space – open, closed; public, private; belonging, free; institutional, restrictive or can transform space into place, re-configure a border zone and brings into play the concept of time.  my intentions are that by using sound and light to extend the remit of the solid artefact creates momentary structures as solid as the object that re-vision and act as springboard for new thoughts.


      Allowing a discourse where the intersections of space, function, public and artist create a dialogue, the process of art making becomes performative. The constant disturbance through the dislocation of site through sound and light creates constantly changing events and relations. It asks questions such as ‘What interactions occur amongst strangers?’, ‘How how does the space influence behaviour?’ Looking at all aspects of these areas from differing viewpoints creates a comprehensive and questioning body of work. I see my work as being situated in the folds of everyday life where the everyday is a functional space that encompasses the commonplace actions that each of us carries out routinely where each of those actions is unique – to each other, to its own repetitive action, to the individual. I try to create a dialogue between space and place using temporary, ephemeral and provisional interruptions. These explore in-between spaces, inside and outside, nowhere and somewhere to locate, re-locate and re-contextualise territory referencing what has been, what is or what could be; the past, the present and the future and where it intersects with the human relationship.


      I have especial interests in the outer edges of cities where the margins may become increasingly influential at the centre. For example, in the marginal yet important areas of Mumbai where markets are the focus of everyday activity, a fish-seller with only a very small number of fish for sale conducts business on a mobile phone. This duality of existence where poverty is not seen as an excluding factor in the use of contemporary technology thus creates a global position that could influence governmental strategies. Observations such as these form part of my artist practice that inform and are informed by theoretical knowledge that is taken from a variety of disciplines. It is important that my work has a political and social dimension. These ideas are transferrable and relevant to contemporary society and it is here that I wish to make the greatest impact.

      My main strength and motivation is ideas-led. I aim for an experimental approach that engages with the viewer and develops the critical thinking that connects practice and theory. What is important is that it is experimental and that it proposes an exploratory way of looking and thinking that could be seen as presenting a set of proposals that thus develops a critical engagement.


      Current work includes developing particular points of my practice-led PhD thesis for publication, finding a useful strategy for practice-led research and a methodology that has the potential to provide a less subjective means of evaluation and valuable to cross-platform research fields. I undertake residencies and exhibition work that develops my practice and/or my research.


      Overall, I see myself as an artist for whom intense research is necessary both theoretically and practically, who is willing to take risks to produce artwork that presents an alternative viewpoint using knowledge that is woven from different disciplines thus creating a unique body of knowledge that is inherent within the final outcome. 

      CV & Education


      2017 In The Hole Residency, Canada

      2017 It is as it was Harrington Mill Gallery, UK

      2017 Urban Flows and Non-Flows, paper, Soundscapes conference, Cagliari, Sardinia

      2018 Il Suoni Publication, Urbino, Italy


      2014 - 2017. Research Fellow, Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR) at Birmingham School of Art.  Director: Professor Johnny Golding.


      2013  PhD Fine Art and Philosophy, Staffordshire University,  UK 

      2007  MA Fine Art, Staffordshire University, UK

      Solo exhibitions

      2014  Anywhere is Everyhere is a Circular Tale  tAd Gallery, Texas, USA

      2010  Exchange, Vault Gallery, Lancaster 

      2010 You are here, Stoke-on-Trent 

      Group exhibitions

      2017 Drift and Unbroken at The Alternative Art Fair,  HMS, Athens

      2016 Small Talk, All-in-a-loop, Chiari, Italy

      2016 ergh mmm (Translating the Wind) at InDialogues Conference, Nottingham

      2016 Under in One Minute Volume 9, Rogue Cinema, Manchester

      2016 Under in One Minute Vol. 9 at Fábrica Braço de Prata's "Sala Visconti" Lisbon

      2016 Under in One Minute Vol. 9 at Teatro do Bairro, Lisbon (

      2016 2016 Under in One Minute Volume 9 Liverpool Light Night

      2016 Under in One Minute Vol. 9 at Directors Lounge Contemporary Art and Media, Berlin   at c.a.r. media art fair . (Contemporary Art Ruhr)

      2016 H2Au in Precious little Harrington Mill  Studio Gallery

      2016 H2Au in Precious little at Project Athina, Athens Art Fair with HMS

      2015 Palimpsestuous in Nottingham Castle Open. Sculpture.

      2015 Passage for Bees Haden Hill House, Birmingham. Sound work for the Outrider Project

      2015 Practical No. 4 in Hoard, Departure Foundation's final show in Leeds.Documentation of installation.

      2015 The Other Excursion, artist intervention,  for The Excursionist symposium, for b-side, Dorset

      2015 Small Talk Soundscapes and Sound Identities symposium, Italy

      2015 In Boxes Athens Art Fair (Inbox exhibition HMS group)

      2015 When Words Fail Athens Art Fair (Inbox HMS group)

      2015 Passage for Bees, Haden Hill House, Birmingham (Outrider Project)

      2015 Alone, We Decide Where to: conference Falmouth University(poster with QR linked video)

      2014 Urban Sunrise The Hanover Project, University of Preston. Photograph/publication

      2014 What I wanted to say in Grey, Harrington Mill, Nottingham

      2014 October My Home is My Castle Carnival of Monsters, Nottingham

      2014 Athens Art Fair as part of HMS group

      2014 Things happen in New Art West Midlands, Barber Institute of Fine Art, Birmingham

      2013  Column TAD Gallery, Texas, USA 

      2013 Parallel Horizons, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London

      2012 Badedammen, Midlands Open, Tarpey Gallery, East Midlands 

      2012 Inside, Blank Media, Manchester

      2010  Badedammen, Cube Open, Manchester  

      2010 Grass is Greener (on the other side), Departure Gallery,  London 

      2010 Grass is Greener, ZOOart, Cuneo, Italy 

      2010 Lightwaves, Sonic Juke Box, Soundfjord , London  

      2010 Play, Waterside Open, Manchester 

      2010 Shipping Lanes, PSL, Leeds 

      2010 Taking Off and Landing, AV Festival, Newcastle upon Tyne

      2010 This is the place where.. in Architectural Disorder, Ovada Gallery, Oxford 

      2010 Taking Off and Landing, Art in Unusual Places, Leeds 

      2010 Flaskepost, Stavanger, Norway 

      2009 Taking Off and Landing, Birmingham ArtsFest, Birmingham 

      2009 This is the place where.. in Perhaps Nothing Perhaps Something , Leeds Met Gallery 

      2009  Constellation, Media and Interdisciplinary Centre, Auckland, New Zealand 

      2007  New Significances, Up The Wall, Chester 

      Curated projects

      2012  Hoard, Warehouse, Leeds;  

      Artist talks

      2010  Somewhere and Nowhere, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway

       2011  Thinking with Hands and Eyes, Staffordshire University 


      2016  East Coast Stories, Residency

      2016 Prefab lab residency Bath

      2014 Summer Lodge residency, NTU, Nottingham

      2014  Land Strategies and theCommons Harrington Mill, Nottingham. Documented at

      2010 - Re-Semble, Empty Shops Project, Derby

      2010 TAOH Residency, Stavanger, Norway

      2007 Metamorph, Albert Dock, Liverpool.  

      Public commissions

      2010  OPEN, Staffordshire University, Stoke-On-Trent

      2007  A small step Creative Partnerships, Newcastle Under Lyme;  

      Conference Papers 

      2017 Not the Hole Story, Losing Ground conference, University of Warwick

      2015 Sonic Topologies conference paper at SounDay, University of Urbino, Italy

      2015 Anywhere is Everywhere, A Virtual Traveller’s Tale, EVA,  British Computer Society conference, London

      2015 The Identity of the Everyday FKL Soundscapes and Sound Identities Symposium, Italy

      2014  The Value of Failure as a Methodology in Art Practice, in What is Success? EMVAN, Nottingham Contemporary

      2013  The Narrated Present,  for Going the way of the dodo symposium at  Lincoln Museum and Gallery

      2011 Kiss me Baby one more time: Place and Placelessness in the Interborder Zone, Prato, Italy (Withdrawn due to lack of funding)

      2009  Place: The Future was Here  at OneDay Sculpture symposium, Wellington, New Zealand  2009  Place: The Future was Here at On Space Colloquium, Staffordshire University, UK


      2016 Wolfson Residency, Oxford

      2014 Alexandra Reinhardt Award 


      2017 Emvan, Meet the Artist