Christopher Tipping

Artist, Consultant, Researcher

Approved: 01.10.2008

I am an experienced Artist working in Public Realm, Urban Regeneration and Healthcare environments for Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and the Private Sector.

I work within diverse, multi-disciplinary project teams delivering major Capital Projects as well as smaller schemes funded entirely from charitable donations.

I have delivered projects in sensitive Healthcare environments such as Mental Health, Chemotherapy and Cancer working and liaising directly with all service users and clinical staff. 

I offer clients multi-disciplinary skills ranging from contextual research to working with a diverse materials palette and have a broad knowledge of current practice in the built environment. 

I propose to influence design processes and outcomes from the outset via contextual, site-specific research and collaborative consultation. My work focuses on place & identity, with particular emphasis on local vernacular and how this is preserved, exposed & expressed as a visual narrative, telling stories about context and place. 

I am fascinated by the natural and man-made world. Geology, botany, species diversity, archaeology and astronomy: a continual enlightenment and am equally inspired by our collective human achievement in language, music, architecture - including our communities and the way we navigate & use our man-made space. 

I would hope to contribute positively to your projects by bringing the minutiae of nature and human existence into focus and to reinterpret this on a larger, more visible scale, affirming the natural and human in what can sometimes be unnatural, de-humanised public spaces.

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